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It has been said that we move at the speed of pain. It takes courage to seek help when the pain of life requires tools we haven't yet discovered. If you are looking for a counselor with not only theoretical but experiential life-tools, I am here for you. I’m able to offer expertise in trauma, anxiety management, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, grief, and parenting issues. My vision is whole-person health: mind, body, and spirit. My approach is based on the conviction that you are the expert on yourself. I support you through the process of finding the answers that align with your deepest longings for yourself. 

In practice, this process often includes active and intentional listening sessions; working with mindful breathing and relaxation, and employing practical steps that work in real life to promote healing, growth, and serenity. I have learned that a healthy person in turn shares these gifts in transformative ways with those around them. 

On that note, I am grateful that, in spite of incredible odds, I enjoy warm relationships with all 7 of my adult children! We have grown together through storms of adolescence, trauma, death, single parenting, substance abuse, and recovery. I sought and found help and support in crises. I want to offer that to my clients.

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