Rebecca Houston, 


Clinical Director

Rebecca has worked as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor for over 20 years.  She arrived in Idaho after spending her early years as an Air Force Brat (a term of endearment within the military) and received her degrees at Boise State University while raising her daughter.  Rebecca has experience in private practice, hospital and residential settings, and addiction recovery, working across the continuum of client populations including children, teens, and adults.  She traveled the US, Europe and Okinawa serving as a counselor for US Military Service members and their families on at least 22 military installations from 2008-2014.  She has a compassionate, direct, client-centered approach with a focus on improving quality of life from the moment she meets her clients.  She uses a variety of therapeutic interventions including, CBT, EMDR, and Mindfulness-Based therapy targeting concerns such as anxiety and depression, mood disorders, PTSD, addiction recovery and ADHD.  
Rebecca has been a meditation and yoga practitioner for 14 years.  She enjoys the active, outdoor life offered here in Idaho, travel, and spending time with her 3 beautiful grandchildren.

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