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Information for clients of Heidi and Amanda:

The Nurse Practitioners prefer all appointments to be via telehealth!

At the time of your appointment, you will login to your portal account and wait for your Nurse Practitioner to login, as well. When they do so, a yellow box will pop up for you to click to join the session. This box only shows up when they login, so please be patient.

Heidi (for now) only works on Tuesdays

Amanda works Wednesday through Friday

For current clients of Amanda, use this link to access the patient portal:

For current clients of Heidi, use this link to access the patient portal:

For refill requests, please provide your first and last name, medication name, and dosage. Please allow up to 5 days from the date of your message for your medication refill request to be fulfilled. We additionally recommend you make sure you have notifications set up with your pharmacy, so you know when you prescription(s) is ready. Thank you!

We can receive texts! (208) 274-9663

Our fax number is (208)-620-2306

Cancellation Policy: Cultivation Counseling requires 24-hrs notice for cancellations to existing scheduled appointments. Once an appointment is made, or if you have reoccurring weekly appointments, it is the client's responsibility to notify Cultivation Counseling of cancellation. If a client does not cancel 24-hrs before their scheduled appointment, they will still be charged for the appointment, and be responsible for full payment. If the client has insurance and does not cancel within 24-hrs, the clients insurance cannot be charged for the service, and the client will be responsible for payment in full. If there are 3 or more missed/canceled appointments within 60 days, any reoccurring appointments will be removed from the schedule and only same day appointments will be allowed.​

For Current Clients: About Me
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